Investospain and Investo-International is a team of passionate entrepreneurs who all earned their spurs as Belgian entrepreneurs. However, the call to a different way of life was great and that resulted in a move to the Costa del Sol for Yvan Callebaut, Myriam De Roye and Luc Mertens.

Yvan has the longest experience in real estate and knows the region very thoroughly. He is the one who can offer both new construction projects and resales projects with various budgets.

Myriam has received training from the famous Million Dollar Agent Josh Flagg and specializes in higher segment above 1M. She combines her passion for real estate with a passionate knowledge of Social Media & marketing.

Luc is mainly engaged in commercial projects and manages our own property fund CostadelSolTrustCapital. Here we develop and manage various residential and commercial projects.

Why choose InvestoSpain?

We live in Spain, we know the very positive aspects of the Southern Spanish life, but we also know the pitfalls. We can be your guide in the difficult tangle of the real estate world on the Costa del Sol.

We do not sell half-baked promises.

We like a good and fast service, correctness and quality are our top priority. We also like to request that correctness from our customers so that we can work together in complete confidence and honesty.
We are not only looking for your dream home on the Costa del Sol, but we also ensure that you are legally very well supported by lawyers in the language of your choice, insurance, bank account (s), NIE, … so that the path that leads to a carefree purchase is handled in the right way. InvestoSpain guides you from A to Z.

Because of our position and knowledge of the real estate market on the Costa del Sol, we can offer a very wide range of all new construction projects, almost all existing real estate (resales) that is offered on the market to commercial projects.
In addition, we can develop customized projects ourselves.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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