Why choose InvestoSpain?

We have been living and living in Spain for several years, we know the positive aspects of southern Spanish life, but we also know the pitfalls. We will be your guide in your search for your dream home on the sunny Costa Del Sol.

We love good and fast service, accuracy and quality are our top priorities. The projects that we offer are first carefully screened by us, it is checked that all permits are in order, that the build quality is ok, etc. That way you do not have to worry and you can enjoy 100% during your search.

We not only look for your dream home on the Costa del Sol, but we also ensure that you are very well guided by lawyers in the language of your choice, they take on the task of a notary here in Spain, they check the permits, ensure the connections of electricity and water and arrange your tax affairs.

There is no exclusivity in Spain. For comparison, in the UK you make an appointment with another broker for each home. In Spain you choose which broker you want to work with and who visits all properties with you.
InvestoSpain guides you from A to Z.

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