Practical guide for the purchase of your Spanish home  


1️⃣   Together we will find out exactly what you are looking for, an apartment, penthouse, villa, swimming pool, sea view, golf, etc … What destination do you want to give to your home? For rental or only as a 2nd stay? What will your day on the Costa del Sol look like?

2️⃣   We will also go over your budget. We make a cost estimate, incl. ALL costs, ranging from lawyer, notary, taxes, etc.

3️⃣   We make a few specific proposals and based on that we visit the region and the houses together

4️⃣   Buy without worries. We also provide an appointment with a English-speaking lawyer on site who can assist you with your further questions regarding taxation, inheritance issues, etc.

5️⃣   Even after your purchase you can still go to any questions

6️⃣   Enjoy your home on the most beautiful coast of Spain with the most sunny days per year.

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