The digital nomad comes to the Costa del Sol

Why in the digital age does the homeworker do this in Spain (Costa del Sol)?

It is more and more a trend that people professionally arrange so that they no longer depend on where they should work. Whether you are an entrepreneur or home worker, we value more and more the work / enjoy / living balance.

What is a digital nomad?

In short, it’s someone whose profession allows to be independent of a particular workplace.
In 2014, 1/5 of the freelancers in Spain were from another country and the strongest increase in self-employed workers in Spain has been achieved over the last 3 years.

It is expected that by 2020 more than half of the population will have the freedom to work ‘remote’.

For a digital nomad it is important to find out where you can live in a very qualitative way combined with good productivity. We can give a simple answer: Spain

Why? Let us go deeper into why a digital nomad chooses for southern Spain.

Healthy work / life balance

It is widely known that in the South, things are being addressed more slowly, and it is important to attach a high quality of leisure time. The Spaniards have one of the highest life expectancies in the world and you know why? Well, it has to do with the slower life rhythm and the ‘no pasa nada’ mentality that you can get used to when you arrive in Spain. People who choose to work remotely do not want to listen to their computer all day, but also want to enjoy daily, something that can easily be done on the Costa del Sol.

Beautiful weather and landscape

Let’s be honest, The weather on the Costa del Sol is unbelievably the whole year and that’s something that attracts people. The best months to go down are September to December and March to June when you can enjoy warm and sunny months without the extra hustle and bustle of the tourist season. And everywhere you have beautiful scenery and beautiful views with the most incredible sunsets.

Innovative society and groups

If you’re on the job alone, it’s lonely. One of the major benefits of living and working in Spain is that digital nomads can surround themselves with innovative and inspiring people, groups and organizations. More and more people make the decision to organize this kind of life, real estate developments ensure that these nomads are able to properly develop their facilities with the right to organize their homework. There are even places in Spain where co-living places are created for people of more than 40 nationalities so that they have a unique cultural and professional experience during their stay.
Additionally, in many places on the Costa del Sol, the fiber-optic network is rolled out, making high speed internet available. Often the speed is even faster than in Northern Europe.

Life Cost

Many digital nomads move to Spain. Life is not as cheap as Bali or Thailand, but Spain is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe where you can best live on a medium wage. It is best to live with an income below 1000 euros per month in many cities in Spain, especially in the south. Thus, money can be saved to invest in the business side.

A country in motion

Spain went through a very heavy and difficult period for several years. But the economic recovery has taken place and at the moment they are the best pupil in Europe in terms of economic growth. To be able to live in such a vibrant and positive society is a relief for the often negative North European attitude of life. Only disadvantage is that the administration in Spain does not always want to evolve. But once again there must be disadvantages to all that positivity, right? ?

Easy accessibility

Málaga, the capital of the Costa Del Sol is very well accessible by plane and it has a very good airport. Various airlines, traditional and low cost airlines have a busy flight schedule in Malaga from many destinations across Europe. The northern European cities are all within a reasonable time between 2 and 4 hours.

Of course, there are several reasons why digital nomads come to the Costa del Sol, but we try to see just a tip of the iceberg.

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